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I’m Angie Porcel

Together with a team of collaborators, I train future leaders through experiential programs.

I believe in the integral development of people, which starts from self-awareness, self-leadership and the development of emotional intelligence as a foundation.

Together with my collaborators, we provide tools in the management of high performance teams and the maximization of talent. We expand our vision towards a holistic approach to the organization — including your future plans, innovation and results.

With long and broad experience supporting fast-growing technological organizations, I always look for an optimal combination between the focus on results and the personal and professional development of the people.

If you want to know more about me, you can see my profile on Linkedin.

Clients often tell me that from the the planning through the delivery of our solutions I am a combination of calm and closeness with creativity and dynamism. I have fun with the groups I work with and I am passionate about helping to establish connections between people and key learnings.

Talented experts ready to listen

This is the team that we will put at your disposal, everyone has their story and they are eager to hear yours.

Joaquín Viñas

Trainer and Happiness-at-work Lecturer

15 years of experience in multinational companies including international projects and leadership positions, plus 20 years teaching classes and conferences in different universities.

What does Joaquín bring?
His passion for happiness at work, orientation to detail and communication skills complement and expand the training projects we do in organizations.

Rabieh Adib

Business and Team Coach for executives, founders and management teams

Founder of Shine Coaching and co-founder of the Institute of Passion. Linked for many years to the technological industries as part of the steering committee of a leading company at European level, focuses on strengthening executives, management teams and their relationships.

What does Rabieh bring?
Rabieh is a key element when it comes to delving into the management teams of organizations. He is also an inexhaustible source of conceptual representations that enrich the learning experience of our participants.
¿Qué aporta Rabieh?
Rabieh es un elemento clave a la hora de ahondar en los equipos directivos de las organizaciones. Además es una fuente inagotable de representaciones conceptuales que enriquecen la experiencia de aprendizaje de nuestros participantes.

Anna Kopecká

Learning and Development Specialist

Anna has been designing and providing training experiences for the past 10 years, working in fast-growing environments and contributing to the development of the teams of a leading organization in her sector.

What does Anna bring?
She designs experiences with creativity, contributing to the color, dynamism and fun of our learning solutions.

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